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The TEO-5 is a new 5-voice polyphonic analog Synthesizer. It's not officially confirmed, but I assume it's based on the Take 5 platform, as both synths are very similar. Monophonic, polyphonic, and enhanced unison modes are available. The latter offers variable stacking from 1-5 voices. The analog core offers two VCOs with saw, square/pulse ...SYNTH ANATOMY is a website and YouTube channel that covers hardware and software for electronic music production. Watch videos about the latest synthesizers, …

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Modor has released DR-2 OS012, a free firmware update that adds three new drum synth models and an extra parametric EQ stage per instrument. In 2023, Modor released the free OS010 firmware update for the DR-2 drum Synthesizer/drum machine. This introduced polyrhythmic clocks, a big new creative feature that unlocked new ways to create patterns.Steinberg HALion 7 is out now, a major update for its flagship sampler with a new FM and spectral synth engine, more advanced modulations, and more. Multi-engine Synthesizer workstation plugins are real sound laboratories in software. They squeeze many powerful synthesis and sampling functions into one all-in-one sound generator.Synth Anatomy is a website dedicated to synthesizers, music production, and sound design. Find the latest news, reviews, events, and interviews about synths, Eurorack, DAWs, effects, and more.Atoms is Baby Audio's second Synthesizer plugin. It's a physical modeling Synthesizer based on a unique mass/spring interaction network. More precisely, it models a network of masses connected by springs with inertia and weight, with sound generated by "playing" it with a virtual bow. The concept reminds me of the Physical Audio Mode ...Torso Electronics S-4 is out now: a portable 4-track "tape machine" sampler for modern sound designers. May 5, 2024 Synth Anatomy 34. Torso Electronics S-4 is a new portable sampler device bringing the tape workflow into the modern era paired with advanced sound sculpting features. And there you go. The Torso Electronics S-4 is out now.Beside the new sampler feature, the new Synclavier V2 comes also with an excellent re-synthesis feature that allows you to analyse your samples and to transform them in waveforms. This expands massively the sound design possibilities of this Synthesizer. On top it comes with classic sounds from the New England Digital sample libraries, smaller ...Dtronics DT-DX. The DT-DX is a new hardware FM Synthesizer based on the MiniDexed code running on Raspberry Pi models. It is based on the free Dexed plugin, which offers six operators, seven envelopes, and full support for DX-7/TX-7 SysEx programs. Unlike the free plugin, the hardware port is a multi-timbral instrument that can run up to eight ...What elements should every blog post include? Learn more about the anatomy of the perfect blog post here. Trusted by business builders worldwide, the HubSpot Blogs are your number-...Thanks! Xena is a remake of Mutable Instruments’ open-source 6-voice hybrid polyphonic Synthesizer Ambika with updates by Michigan Synth Works. In 2022, Emilie Gillet, better known as Mutable Instruments, left the Synthesizer market. Most people know the developer for her innovative, best-selling Eurorack modules such as …Jan 19, 2024 · Thanks! NAMM 2024: Korg opsix Mk2 is an updated version of its innovative altered FM Synthesizer with 64 voices and an improved interface. The opsix is one of the most innovative synthesizers of recent years. This is because it makes FM synthesis significantly more accessible than any other FM synth to date. It also takes FM synthesis into new ...There are millions of different animal species on Earth, a large portion of which are still unknown to us. Even the ones that we know about still largely remain a mystery. Though w...Albers is a new desktop analog drone Synthesizer in black clothes housed in a light brown wood case—a beautiful, classic design. The core, however, is less classic but more experimental. Albers features four oscillators designed for rich drone sounds. Each oscillator offers dedicated pitch and level pots. You can control it manually or with ...© Vaporware Synths Kurzweil VA1. At the Musikmesse 2004, almost exactly 20 years ago, Kurzweil unveiled the VA1. It was supposed to be Kurzweil’s new flagship virtual analog Synthesizer. with 61 keys, a big user interface packed with 59 knobs and 108 buttons, a screen, and more.With this, you will always receive a push message when there is something new from the Synth Anatomy world, including the latest synth news, reviews, deals, live blogs from tradeshows, and much more. There will also be future exclusive giveaways. And I will expand the newsletter to Instagram and WhatsApp when the functions are available.Synth East 2024 is a festival of synths and modular in Norwich (UK). It will take place from Friday, the 23rd of February, to Sunday, the 25th, 2024, in the Norwich Arts Center. The event lasts three days. From Synthesizer Expo à la Superbooth/SynthFest, synth concerts, and DIY workshops. There is a lot on offer over the three days—a true ...Arturia Acid V is a supercharged, still authentic emulation of the legendary Roland TB-303 with a multi-distortion, built-in modulation, and more. The TB-303 Bassline is a legendary Synthesizer. Roland's 1981 was supposed to simulate acoustic bass back then, but that turned out to be very different, as we all know it today.At SynthFest France 2024, Romain of Kiviak Instruments showcased Synth Anatomy the pre-production model of its upcoming Wofi portable keyboard sampler. I’m back from Nantes, where I attended this year’s SynthFest France 2024. I brought you some exciting news that I will present to you in videos and articles every day.Koalas are often referred to as one of Australia’s most iconic animals. With their adorable appearance and calm demeanor, they have captured the hearts of people all around the wor...Full Disclaimer: No loan or test unit from Behringer, I bought the PRO-1 from Thomann's first batch: (*) PRO-1 is an authentic...Synthesizer fascination. With Synth Anatomy, I always try to bring the latest synthesizers into the focus of my readership. I particularly enjoy writing about the latest experimental Synthesizer releases with unique designs, inspiring feature sets, and different operating concepts.Hardware. Behringer Timbre Behr, the $99 desktop Akai Timbre Wolf clone: development update LEAK: Timbre Behr, Behringer's $99 desktop take on the iconic Akai Timbre Wolf Synthesizer. April 1, 2023 Synth Anatomy 19. According to a new leak, Behringer is working on the Timbre Behr, a $99 desktop take on the legendary Akai Timbre Wolf polyphonic ...July 29, 2022 Synth Anatomy News, Plugins, Software 3 Cherry Audio has split its Minimoog emulation plugin Miniverse into 14 new Voltage Modular modules giving you a modular Minimoog Synthesizer. Recently Cherry Audio released a solid Minimoog emulation called Miniverse.Proton is a semi-modular Synthesizer with a pure analog signal path (VCO, VCF and VCA designs). It features two oscillators with five different waveforms with smooth waveform blending from tone mod, pulse, sawtooth, triangle to sine. There is also oscillator sync, pulse width modulation, a sub-oscillator for each oscillator and a noise generator.Synth Anatomy is a music technology website based in Vienna (Austria) which has its focus mainly on hardware and software which are strongly related to electronic music production.

Arturia has released the MiniFreak 2.0 firmware that adds the mighty wavetable engine to the oscillators, a new super unison FX, and more. The MicroFreak is already a modern classic after just a few years on the market—a mega success for Arturia. The call for a poly version came quickly. Arturia responded to this big request with the ...July 3, 2020 Synth Anatomy News, Plugins, Software 0 KV331 Audio and Tone2 update their synthesizer plugins (SynthMaster One 1.4 & Electra 2.8) with numerous new features and more. It is the beginning of summer and the time where the music tech market is […]SoundMiT, 13th edition of the Italian synth and pedal expo, Nov 11-12 in Turin. September 22, 2023 Synth Anatomy 0. SoundMit, the Italian synth and pedal expo, returns to Turin for a 13th edition with more than 40 exhibitors on November 11-12. Playing with synthesizers in the studio is one thing.Say what you will about medical dramas, but the facts don’t lie: Grey’s Anatomy has 18 seasons under its belt with Season 19 debuting in the fall of 2022. The Shonda Rhimes hit has...

Korg opsix Mk2, altered FM synth with more voices and improved interface. January 19, 2024 Synth Anatomy 8. NAMM 2024: Korg opsix Mk2 is an updated version of its innovative altered FM Synthesizer with 64 voices and an improved interface. The opsix is one of the most innovative synthesizers of recent years. This […]The K20 series will be launched soon and feature two models: the K2061 with a 61-note synth action and the K2088 with an 88-key full-weighted hammer action keybed with aftertouch. Kurzweil say they come with a new industrial design with an alumiumn and steel enclosure.…

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November 9, 2022 Synth Anatomy 1. The Native Instruments Cyber Season 22 is back with savings of up to 75% OFF on audio plugins from NI and iZotope. November is the month of the big deals. Or better known as Black ...May 13, 2024 · May 13, 2024 Synth Anatomy 1. Superbooth 24: AJH Synth will showcase The Radiophonic Synthesizer, a system commissioned by Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer. Now, something special. Hans Zimmer will also be at Superbooth 24—not personally, but represented by an instrument and […] Audio & MIDI.

Superbooth 24: WMD Performance Mixer MKII, 8 stereo channels, MIDI, and more. May 25, 2024 Synth Anatomy 0. Superbooth 24: WMD unveiled the Performance Mixer MKII, the long-awaited stereo mixer for Eurorack with 8 stereo channels, MIDI, and more. In the summer of 2022, we received the news that WMD was leaving business.Thanks! In collaboration with the original developers, Erica Synths has brought the mighty Hexinverter Mutant Machine drum synth module back to life. In September 2022, the Boutique company Hexinverter Electronique went out of business. A news that shocked the Eurorack world. But a modular angel came and saved part of the …Mar 1, 2024 · Thanks! For its 70th company birthday, Thomann has revived the discontinued Waldorf Pulse 2 desktop analog Synthesizer in a limited blue edition. The Waldorf Pulse 2 was officially discontinued in April 2023. The small, characterful desktop 3-oscillator analog Synthesizer. It’s been almost a year, and there’s no successor in sight.

Dtronics DT-DX. The DT-DX is a new hardware FM Synthesizer based on NAMM 2024: Korg NTS-1 Mk2 takes the open-source mini synth to a new level with a new core, sequencer, more connectivity, and more. Portable synthesizers are more popular than ever before. These small noise boxes are becoming increasingly more powerful and versatile thanks to better digital technology. One of the best examples is the NTS-1 from ... Synthesizer fascination. With Synth AnatoNovember 12, 2019 Synth Anatomy News, Plugins, Software In the new 7 minutes with an iPad synth, I check out Nanologue Synthesizer by Steinberg, an excellent free synth for iOS. Join the Patreon page to get access... January 19, 2024 Synth Anatomy Grooveboxes But there are new features and improvements in the MS-1 Mk2. The new Mk2 revision is based on the Coolaudio V662A chip, a clone/replica of the original Roland BA662 chip. According to Behringer, this vastly improves the VCF and VCA performance. Further, they added a new dual glide function to the feature list. Nice upgrade for the MS-1. Synth Anatomy says: April 9, 2024 at 9:07 pm. true but waAudio Enjoyer XR-1 is a new upcoming groovebox with a built-in 90Full Disclaimer: No loan or test unit from Beh Superbooth 24: Korg ST1K, new high-precision tuner for analog and modular synths. May 14, 2024 Synth Anatomy 5. Superbooth 24: Korg ST1K is a new battery-powered high-precision tuner for analog and modular synthesizers For your instrument to sound right, it must be in tune. Guitarists use small, inexpensive tuners for this.It’s a unique desktop Synthesizer, designed and made in France based on my favorite synthesis. It’s not analog but physical modeling. One that you rarely see in hardware. Anyma Phi is monophonic, a downer, but is at least playable paraphonic. The upcoming Anyma Omega, supported in 2022, will be fully polyphonic and multi-timbral. The RectangularThing is a classic synth voice for Euro The latest tweets from @synthanatomyOne is the Cre8audio Function Junction from 2022. Cre8audio's modulation module has been part of my rack for some time. But I haven't had time to share my experience with you yet. So today, it's time for a in-depth review. It was released in April 2022 with a deluge of first-day/week reviews. After that, it became quiet around the module. November 20, 2023 Synth Anatomy 24. Poly[What elements should every blog post include? Learn more about the aAMSynths has announced plans to release 10 more ARP 2500 modules Behringer has shrunk its Oberheim OB-Xa clone/replica into a UB-Xa mini synth with fewer features for an unbeatable price of $99. The conclusion will be drawn in Anaheim, and NAMM 2025 is already being planned. In Banaheim, there are still lights on the floors. After the CZ-1 Mini there is now another mini synth.G-50 by Gunther Gehlert is a free Reaktor ensemble that pays tribute to the Roland D-50 Synthesizer without violating copyrights. The Roland D-50 is a legendary digital Synthesizer from 1987. At that time, it used an innovative synthesis called LA synthesis, consisting of very short samples mixed with classic waveforms on the attack.